AMAZING Celebrity Studio City Estate Sale (Sat June28th-June 29th 9.00-3.00)

Hidden Treasure Estate Sales presents round 2 of a monstrous Studio City estate sale that was canceled due to Covid-19 with all new items. This is a appointment only sale, please call Wayne at 714-981-4996.  The owner was the former owner of Starworld for 30 plus years and the current owner of the Hollywood Collectors show, he is moving and letting go of his personal collection of movie and music memorabilia and more.. There is something here for everyone, this is one sale not to miss. We have a motorcycle built by Beverly Hills Chopper for super model Adrianne Curry, Wurlitzer juke box. Zoltar. Charles Manson booking photo & prints, signed guitar by Goerge Michaels, signed posters and autographs, gold RIAA records, Marilyn Monroe sand art signed by Bill Mac, clothing worn by Cher, Prince and Joan Collins. Disney collectables, Timmy Woods handbags, books, records, watches, Charlies Angels pinball machine, Cartier wine and Champagne glasses, Dvds, comic books, games, playboy magazines, Batman collectables, dining room table and chairs, and much more. To many items to list, pictures will be updated daily.