About Hidden Treasure Estate Sale Los Angeles

In 2000 we started a Bail Bonds company in Van Nuys, a few years later opened several offices through out Southern California as well as New York and Washington.

When a Bail Bond is posted the person has to put up something for collateral to secure a debt or ensure payment if the defendant fails to appear. Besides cash and real property the easiest type of collateral to offer is jewelry. We work with a geologist who is GIA certified so we get the highest standard of appraisal, We also showcase costume and fashion jewelry if needed at our sales At the office we had a sister company called Got Gold and we would buy gold, platinum, sterling silver, diamonds and precious stones. If you have sterling silver, we work with a refinery in order to get you the highest value per ounce.

Another type of collateral is vehicles so over we work hand and hand with Alan Graham Auto who is a reputable car broker since 1979. We would take in sports cars, trucks, rvs, boats and classic cars. If a classic car needs to be restored we have the experience needed to insure the highest resale value. Another way to look at collateral at a Bail Bonds office is to relate it as a pawn shop. We took in paintings, rugs, electronics, coins, stamps and anything of significant value. Fugitive recovery is a big factor in the Bail industry so In 2008 we opened up a P.I. company called Celebrity Investigative Agency and worked in collaboration with Nick Harris Detectives.

We would also offer background checks, surveillance and loss prevention.No matter what neighborhood you have an estate sale there is always a shoplifter looking for a five finger discount..We have security guards at all of our sales and cameras if needed.With all these prior businesses it was a great way to lay the foundation to build a award winning estate sale company.

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